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The plays of William Shakespeare adapted for small casts and

performance times of around one hour to seventy minutes.

These adaptations stay true to the story whilst removing unnecessary

plot lines, characters, and scenes to streamline the play.
Cast lists are reduced with some characters being merged, reduced, or entirely discarded allowing the plays to be performed with as few as 5 or 6 actors.
Scripts are formatted for easy reading with plenty of space for notes and directions to be added.

Available and Upcoming

About the Author

Frodo Allan is an award-winning writer, producer, and director working internationally in theatre, circus, and cabaret.

He is an established performer with a critically acclaimed career as an actor and singer in musical theatre, various bands, and touring shows, as well as a long and varied résumé in circus and comedy.

He even occasionally works as a circus Ringmaster.

Frodo lives in Glasgow, Scotland with his wife, their German Shepherd, and an ever-growing collection of comic books and model spaceships.

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