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Using state of the art wireless virtual reality headsets and controllers alongside powerful art creation software, participants enter a virtual studio space where they can paint, sculpt, and sketch in 3 dimensions before placing their artwork in a virtual gallery they can visit on any web browser.


  • A 30 minute experience for up to 4 participants at a time. Includes 2min briefing at start.

  • Suitable for ages 5 and up depending on ability.

  • Accessible to mobile and less mobile participants.

  • Creative interactivity in a virtual space.

  • Participants create work that is archived in a virtual gallery.

  • Hard copy images of artistic creations can be provided.


Onsite Crew:    3

Space required:    7m x 7m minimum for 4 participants at once.

Power required:    4x 13amp sockets.

Location:    Indoor or Outdoor (if dry or sheltered and out of direct sunlight).

Limitations:    Not suitable for visually impaired participants.

Safety:    Visors are cleaned with antiseptic wipes between use.

                Participants are monitored by 3 crew at all times.


Virtual boundaries are created in the VR space to prevent participants interacting physically or moving into unsafe areas.

Software is licenced for education and exhibition use.


“Using a stereoscopic three-dimensional system for up to 2h was acceptable for most of the users regardless of their age.” Applied Ergonomics Volume 44, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 151-160

Online gallery is GDPR compliant. No personal data is retained other than first name and age.

5.5m x 5.5m is possible at a push but will be very tight. We recommend limiting the number of active participants for a smaller space.

Optical sensors and lenses on headsets can be damaged by direct sunlight.

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