Man in a Bath

Directed by Frodo McDaniel & Louise Oliver

Written by Frodo McDaniel with Alan McPartlan and Louise Oliver

What's just below the surface of things? Random thoughts about laundry, train-times and left over Chinese? Stinging thoughts about missed calls, missed opportunities and where to go from here? What about skin, hair, muscle and bone followed by lavender scented bubble bath and those annoying bits of pot-pourri left over from the always disappointing and inappropriately named bath bombs.


Get in the bath and strip it all away; the dirt in your head followed by the skin, muscle and bone. Strip it all away and cleanse your body and soul, submerge and re-surface - fresh, clean, enlightened. Submerge and find out what is just below the surface of things.


One man's inner monolgue as he relaxes in the bath before hitting the town. 


Commission for the 2008 Glasgay Festival,  Man in a Bath was created through a series of interviews with Glasgow actor, Alan McPartlan.

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