This class introduces the art of fire eating, fire breathing, body burning (fakhir) and fire safety as well as teaching students how to build their own fire wands, understand their fuels and be safe while performing with fire.

(Students must let the tutor know about any health problems they have that may affect their participation in these classes!)


·       £150 per person per class.

·       1 session only - lasting up to 2 hours for one student, up to 4 hours for more.

·       Attendees must be 18+.

·       Can be taught at an outdoor location of your choice (must be suitably private and sheltered from the elements – the tutor also has a suitable location available at his home on the southside of Glasgow near Silverburn).

To book your class, contact by clicking the link below at least two weeks before your proposed date.

Invite a friend! - Special offer; have a friend join you at your class for a discount rate of £100 per person to a maximum of three.

  • 1 person - £150 total

  • 2 People - £250 total

  • 3 People - £350 total

  • 4 People - £450 total


1. Enrolment in each class is limited. Applications will be accepted in the order they are received.  In the event that Rhymes with Purple must cancel a class due to lack of interest, the student will be offered the choice of enrolment in another class or a full refund.

2. Payment is due at or before the workshop.

3. Registered students who withdraw one week before the workshop will receive a full refund. Students who withdraw prior to 48 hours of the first meeting will be refunded 70% of their fee.  NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE WITHIN 48-HOURS OF THE FIRST CLASS.

4. Rhymes with Purple reserves the right to dismiss from the course any individual whose behaviour is disruptive to the working of the class.

5. Participants will be asked to sign a waiver stating that they understand that no assurance guaranteeing their safety can be made and that they agree to hold RHYMES WITH PURPLE, the TUTORS, OTHER STUDENTS completely harmless of all liability if they sustain any injuries.

“Workshop was laid back and really enjoyable”


“I would highly recommend this workshop to my friends”


“Tutors were great – installed confidence even when things were going 100%”

Copyright 2018 Frodo McDaniel & Rhymes with Purple.

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