Directed by Louise Oliver

Produced by Frodo McDaniel

Written by Frodo McDaniel and Ben Allison

How far is too far? In regard to the treatment and interrogation of suspected terrorists or criminals, is torture ever justified? Are these the actions of a society that is supposed to value human rights and fair treatment?


Drumhead was a site-specific commentary on the ramifications of legalised torture. A series of devised rehearsals led the creative process as well as providing a real understanding of both the authority and victim.


Removed from their comfort zone, the audience were taken to a remote location and presented with a piece of interactive theatre.  Reports, real case studies and events informed the actors presentation of this challenging and controversial subject. A portion of Drumhead’s profit went to Amnesty International.


First presented in May 2010 in collaboration with the Tron Theatre as part of Mayfesto.

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